I am a geek because…

I am a geek because I think the whole point of computers and electronics is to enable me to switch LEDs on or off by writing programs. When the LED turns on and off the way I expect a warm satisfaction runs through me.

Part of 30-days-of-geek



Well Lotto has now reached $25M (that’s NZ dollars) so now is the time to <cough> invest in my future. Given past experiences, this will not be a wise investment!


cheques will only be excepted with the following idIn New Zealand, the sound of an ‘a’ and and ‘e’ are very similar, so I guess this would sound correct. Still, I am amazed that a national chain supermarket would ever manage to pin such a laminated note to every one of its tills. It doesn’t say much for the manager of this store, does it?


Remember that building I talked about? Well, I have to work in it now due to the earthquake of the 22nd Feb.

Thankfully, my team is going into an area with a ceiling. It’s painted white and the place is bright. It’s a shame about the noisy 19-inch rack at one end of the work area but at least it is bright and workable (for me). This building has had a bit of an upgrade with fancy toilets and showers. That is coming to my building soon after they fix up the latest issue with ceiling tiles falling down in a quake.

BTW, what do you think of this as a work environment?


I really like this film. I saw a clip on You-Tube just now and it reminded me that I hire it at least twice a year. Clearly I need to buy myself a copy to cut down on those hiring fees.