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My name is Gordon J Milne.

I was born 22 March, 1964 in Insch, Aberdeenshire. I grew up 6 mi away in Auchleven until the age of 9 when we moved to Kincorth in Aberdeen.

Attended Premnay Primary, Craighill Primary and Robert Gordon’s College.

Graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 1986 with a BSc in Natural Philosophy (a.k.a. Physics). I started a PhD in the same year but never wrote it up due to an inextricable attraction to the use of computers for controlling hardware. Back then the hardware was an x-ray diffractometer. Since then it has been digital set top boxes, car navigation systems, VoIP phones and now I have come full circle to a different kind of scientific instrument.

I am a bit of a loner but have spent the last 20 years of my life with Pauline. We are the proud owners of a cat, a dog, a newish car that has a few more payments to go and an old car we desperately need to be rid of. We ‘own’ the house we live in, but only in the sense that the bank lets us live in it in exchange for several payments a month.

I love the type of work I do. I (mostly) like the people I work with. I have no hobbies and spend my off-work time reading Science Fiction, reading a tech book, watching movies and teaching the dog not to lick my feet/legs/face/arms. I am not succeeding with the dog. He is very stubborn. More so than me, which says a lot.

The first time,. or times, that I meet new people I tend to very taciturn. When I get to know you, I open up and get more chatty. If I know you really well I might be chatty and circular in my conversation. This is when people accuse me of waffle.