Hidden benefits

I work in a building that has a ceiling. A false one. And that is a tremendous benefit.

The company I work at has a large building for some of its developers that doesn’t have a ceiling. It has a roof. So, when you look up, past the artificial lighting positioned at 2.5 metres all you see is a darkness that eventually stops at the roof. I do not find it a tremendously inspiring work environment. In fact, I find it positively off-putting. I have done two interviews in that building over the past seven years and every time I visit I tell myself “this is a bad idea, I can’t stand this physical place and I haven’t even sat down yet”.

Needless to say, I didn’t end up working there. In one case I wasn’t quite right so they didn’t offer me a job. In the other case, I was perfect but I used the excuse of a poor salary offer as my excuse to reject their employment offer. The salary was low, but acceptable, the work environment wasn’t acceptable.

This is the work environment that I aspire to.

I left my old job at Syft and now work in one of the other buildings of this company that I have previously rejected. This building has a false ceiling. It feels as if the place is light and bright. It isn’t my ideal environment but at least it isn’t a dark hole. Now I am being a bit harsh here but I like a bit of light around the area I work. Yep I know we have over 200 design engineers and the ideal space costs money but that dark hole building is a huge turn off for me. If they ever ask me to relocate to that place I will be looking elsewhere.

Basically, I think I deserver better.

Anyway, the earthquake on Saturday loosened a lot of that false ceiling. So much of it in fact that we were all asked to stay away today whilst they reassembled our working space. So, two days after the most frightening experience of my life I get a day off work whilst they fix the place up. I hope they manage to fix that ceiling.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. 🙂


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