Today is … quake day!

At 4.35 am the biggest earthquake I have ever experienced hit Christchurch. It was a whopping magnitude 7.1 and seemed to go on for ages. Ages turned out to be just under two minutes. It felt like forever.

We are ok. No major damage. A vase pitched itself off the shelf onto the floor but seemed to bounce harmlessly on the carpet so it remains undamaged.

A bike fell over in the garage. Some tins shuffled forward in the pantry and one of them pitched onto the floor.

Today’s weather was a stunning spring day. Blue skies, warm sun, sunglasses required.

We went out. Spoke with our neighbours and counted ourselves lucky that we got off so lightly. The central city, being older and having taller buildings came off badly. Two people got badly hurt and are in intensive care. So far, no deaths.

How was our emergency provisioning? Food wise we are fine. Power wise, awful. One torch in the house that worked and no battery powered radio. Still by mid morning we had managed to buy some D cells from the local filling station so we could listen to the radio. The car one worked anyway so that was always a fallback.

Power and water came back on around midday. That was a huge relief for us. We are both highly connected people and having that source of information taken away was a shock. We did, however, still have an old analogue phone that we could use to call people. It took us 30 minutes to find it in the (recently reorganised) garage.

Aftershocks have been coming all day. Some are barely discernible. Others are exceedingly obvious. I barely notice anything below 4 but we have had a large number above 4 and a few above 5. (gulp)

It is night now. Things seem quiet. Lets hope we don’t get a repeat performance tonight.

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