Three lines

driving in the city, along a line

How not to drive on a main road

Take a look at the photo.

What do you see?

I see three parallel lines.

  1. A broken yellow line on the far left — that is the no parking line.
  2. A solid white line on the left — that line show the rightmost edge of the shoulder.
  3. The last line on the left is the line that shows the right most edge of the cycle lane.

So, what the hell is ELE795 doing driving half-in, and half-out, of it?

Well, I am guessing that the driver is a New Zealander. Most New Zealanders are incapable of driving in the middle of any lane marked on the highway. They invariable drift over the left hand side of the road, or the weave back and forth across the centre line as they go around bends.

Is it any wonder that cyclists get hurt in the city?

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