A day at home

I had some carpet laid today which means I got to be at home all day with the dog. MikSo here is how I spent that day.

  1. At 07.47 got up late
  2. Then I ran around like the proverbial blue-assed fly getting the last room decarpeted and emptied.
  3. At 8.30 the doortrimming guy turns up. He says he is here to take my bifold cupboard doors done. I did that last night.
  4. At 8.55 the carpet guy turns up.
  5. At 9.05 I get my desktop out of my office and into the dining area. The dog can’t share my office all day as its too small and he cannot get out of there without getting in the way of the carpet guy so I choose to spend my day near the coffee pot.
  6. At 9.45 I have breakfast — boiled egg plus toast plus way too much espresso.
  7. At 9.47 I start surfing the web. The dog is sleeping on the sofa near the kitchen. Bored as hell but at least he got some breakfast off me too. That’s in addition to his own food.
  8. I decided to play with a DVCS and chose Mercurial rather than Git just to be awkward. I have spent most of the day working through the tutorial using the free book.
  9. Also listening to various Richard Dawkins things throughout the day.
  10. At 16.30 the carpet guys leaves. BTW, I have offered this guy multiple cups of tea through the day and he never wanted one.
  11. At 16.55 I start vacuuming the carpet to get rid of the stray threads.
  12. At 16.55 and 3 second I open the bag holding cavity to find it full of detritus. Whoever last replaced the bag forgot to make sure the card on the bag slotted fully into the alignment slot for the vacuum tube hose. The net result? A very messy vacuum cleaner. So, I replaced the filter and the bag. Hey pretso it works just like it used to. So, how did my mother-in-law vacuum the old carpet the other day?
  13. At 17.15 I rehang the first 3 doors and find that we don’t need any trimming done. The old carpet was slightly thicker and the doors often dragged on the carpet. Now the doors lightly kiss them. Hope this doesn’t mean it will get draughty in winter!
  14. At 17.25 feed the dog
  15. At 17.49 finish off this blog entry.
  16. At 17.53 take the dog for a much delayed walk.

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