Verdict: Not Sure

Well I have just finitshed Time by Stephen Baxter. It’s big idea SF with a neat time travel thing going for it.

The main character is Reid Malenfant. Pronoucing his surname the French  way will give you some idea of his character. I did not find him the most likeable of leaad characters but I guess I wasn’t supposed to until near the end of the novel. His ex-wife Emma is more likeable and is the primary expositional  character. You need someone to be a bit dumb in these books so we all get a chance to catch up.

The story has two main strands. Strand 1 is about a trip to a Near Earth Object that has some kind of gateway on it. Strand 2 is about the blue children. The blues are  under 10 but have a wide understanding of  physcis. Needless to say, they end up being rounded up and treated badly.

I liked strand 1 in many ways. The trip to the NEO, what happens when they get their, etc. However, I think I preferred the 2nd strand with its description of the blues. I reckon we are all supposed to feel for the kids. I certainly wanted a special education focusing on science when I was a kid. Perhaps that is what I identify with.

The plotting is excellent as is the character development.

Will I read another? … I’m not sure yet.

Postscript: I see that Time is part of a series with at least two sequels. I may give Space the benefit of the doubt and read it


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