Different strokes for different folks

What is on my mind?

Not having enough time to get things done the way I want to do them.

Isn’t this everyone’s problem?

Today I started looking over some code from a co-worker. It isn’t done the way I would do it but they aren’t me. Yet, the complete disregard for the company code style is still there. It doesn’t piss me off as much as it used to but it rankles every now and then.

Of course, when you look at some one else’s work you always get ideas about how it could be done differently, possible better.

If I read a document that said ProcessBuilder.start() is now preferred to Runtime.exec() I would look at using it instead. In many ways it is better. I no longer have to understand how the various parts of the command line are passed to the executing program since I can pass a List<String> instead of worrying about whether I need quote (what kind?) around items that should be treated as a single entity instead of separate words.

That change took all of 10 minutes. A good return on investemnt, I would say.

And the visual appearance … awful. It needs a bit of a rethink.

Tomorrow, perhaps.


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