Tool Time (BlogJet)

BlogJet looks like a cool tool. A very sparse interface with just enough buttons for simple blogging. It reminds me of w.bloggar but without the preview feature. However, that isn’t a killer issue for me since I haven’t been clever enough to work out how to get that preview looking like the real post.

Posting Attempt Number One

Let’s try posting…

The first time I tried that it just crashed and burned. I got a lovely dialog box that I made no effort to understand. It was full of developer gibberish. I suppose if I knew a lot about the underlying API I might understand what it all meant but life it too short for understanding everything.

Posting Attempt Number Two

The second time, I found this article on the Coding Robots web site. Looks like tags are the culprit. Bad boy, don’t use tags next time!

Second time lucky…

Wow that worked. The key with this version of BlogJet ( is to hide that properties box so you don’t feel tempted to add a tag to your posts.

The €29.95 Question

So, is it good enough to pay €29.95 for a license? I am not really sure.


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