Diabetes Update

I am not the most perfect type II diabetic in the world. However, things are getting better.Three months ago, my HbA1C was 12.3. Ideally it would be around 7. For those without diabetes it should be 6.

This time around, it had dropped to 11.4. Not amazingly good but a significant drop.

What have I been doing in those three months?

Not a lot. I have taken my pills and done some occasional exercise. So, by themselves, the pills have dropped me down a whole 0.9. With exercise, it could have been better.

So, we up the Glipazide a bit and I do a bit more exercise. The doc seems confident that I can get myself back on the straight and narrow by my next visit. I don’t have the excuse of poor weather for lack of exercise – summer is here and the weather is a lot better. I’ll start doing those lunchtime walks again. Hell, it gets me away from the madhouse for a bit so even if it does nothing for my sugar levels it will probably work wonders for my inner self.

See you in three!


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