Measuring things

I am a type II diabetic. Until now I have been controlling my condition via diet and exercise. However, that might be changing.

Today I took delivery of a new glucose measuring device (a.k.a. meter). My old meter’s testing strips are no longer subsidized by the NZ medical service so I had to change to a new meter. Thankfully, I was allowed to swap my old meter for one of the new supported models. I am now the proud owner of a Medisense Optium.

First measurement reads … 19.

Geez, that is bad. And yes, I did have a McDonald for breakfast this morning.

Clearly I have not been a good diabetic recently. Admittedly, my testing regime has been poor (twice a week, at times when it was unlikely to be high).

So, I’m back at square one. Almost like discovering I have the condition all over again. I reckon my new doctor will give me some time to get things back under control but it looks like tablets or, worse still, insulin.

Just have to see how it goes, I suppose.


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