Recruitment Politeness

Well, that job just was not for me. No hint of embedded work at all. The company is squarely placed in the middle of the educational market doing math, physics and electronics simulation software.

Like I said, not me.

The only thing that really annoyed me about the application process is how the recruiter was very keen to get me to send a C.V. He was very keen to see what I thought of the company. And, of course, he was very keen to get my approval to put my C.V. forward.

However, as soon as I said “thanks, but no thanks”, I heard nothing more from him. Not even a ‘thanks for considering it’ response.

I know you can’t expect all that much from a recruiter. They are very busy and “time-is-money” is a very true statement for them. Still, I like a little politeness in my life. Recruiters are not the place to look for it.

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