Is this the new me?

I have seen this job description and wonder if it is me.

I have the basic qualifications. The idea of managing a team of 12 both excites and frightens me. It is exciting because a team of that size can do really big things. It frightens me because I have only ever managed a team of four before. However, a team of 12 software engineers will be a mix of senior and junior engineers so I guess that I would directly manage a small number of the team with the remainder being managed indirectly. But, I could be 100% wrong. Maybe I need to manage everyone, every day. If so, I don’t think I’d manage to meet that 10% coding requirement.

I am definitely turning this one over in my mind. I have started updating my C.V. which is a sure sign I’ll be sending something in.

Some of the things about the job sounds so weird. A mere three years of team-leading experience required? That seems a bit light to me. Also, why the 10% coding expectation? When you manage a team of 12, it is pretty much a full-time job. I suspect they want to attract someone who is not yet a 100% manager, who still wants to develop. Perhaps they don’t trust non-coding managers. That strikes me as reasonable. You should be wary of those that put themselves forward as managers when their technical credentials for the area they manage is wanting.

The target for this weekend is to get that C.V. off to the recruiter with some suitably worded cover letter. With a bit of luck, they’ll get me in for interview. And who knows what after that.

Things I need to cover off in the letter are:

  • Just under three years as a team lead
  • Moving back form NZ; the why would you want to do that question
  • Where do you see yourself in 3/5/10 years time question

The salary range of 40-80K seems reasonable when you see they are also looking for C++ people and are prepared to pay up to 40K. I may be out of touch but that seems quite high for Edinburgh.

Lets see, I left the UK on 44K in the deep south as a Technical Manager. I guess that wage inflation would have taken that salary to 50K by now, so the 40-80K seems within reason. However, I am sure that the going rate for developers in Edinburgh is well under 40K.

This company must be hungry for the best.

Lets see, eh?

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