Does Visual Studio Rot Your Mind

I am quite amazed by what Charles Petzold, the doyen of Win32 programming, has to say about Visual Studio and how it reduces the quality of your code and the ability for those that write on programming to use its output in their articles.

I have to say this all seems very similar to my experience. I am not a Win32 programmer but my experience of using VS these last two years has led to me to believe that it does an amazing job of dumbing down a developer so that they become nothing more than a user of the IDE. VS has been so successful that it has managed to create a cadre of programmers that do not know what their development tools do, or even how they do it.

His anger at Intellisense mirrors my ow feelings. It only really works with complete languages like C# and Java. It is almost useless with C and C++.

Petzold attacks VS’s dialog design tools with some relish. However, it would be just as easy to attack the dialog designers that are present in many other IDEs. Unfortunately, these designers do not care about the appearance of the code that is produced and, ultimately, ensure that the code quality suffers.

The IDE visual dialog design tools may make dialog creation easier but it is at the expense of clarity and maintainability.


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