Flocking to it

I am trying to use Flock now. It looks like a remodelled version of Firefox but with a slightly different UI. Anayway, the idea behind it is a way to synchronize bookmarks across machines with an ability to handle blogging as well.

I’m not really sure what I think of it yet since I have had the alpha version grab 92% of my cpu at one point whilst it went off into its own internal la-la land. However, it does hold out that ease of use olive banch towards me so I might persist for another few days before throwing it on the junk heap.

Flock doesn’t feel very responsive but my home machine is a mere 550MHz Celeron-based Gateway so it have never felt very fast. My last home machine was a 200MHz Pentium and that felt really slow. One of these days I’ll have the cash for an upgrade but that won’t be happening whilst my partner is doing her masters. So that’s only another 12 months to wait.

Frankly, I’d like something with the UI of NVU. Now that would be nice.


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