Overheard at work

What is SNMP?
What does RFC stand for?

These are just some of the questions I heard float around the office this morning. They were being asked of a less experienced programmer by a far more experienced programmer; one who had been around the block quite a few times.

This is on top of what happened a few weeks back when I handed everyone on the team a copy of Yotam Medini’s STL Quick Reference guide. That time I got a blank look and was asked:

What is STL? Is it a Microsoft Thing?

Am I being a bit too picky? Surely someone with over 15 years development experience must have heard of at least one of STL, SNMP and RFC. Or is it just that my experience has brought me closer to these topics?

Ok, SNMP and RFC are very much coming from the land of networking but how could anyone who has worked in C++ in the last decade been able to miss the news on STL?

One of my developer friends reminded me of rule #31 from “The Dynamics of Software Development” – “Beware of a guy in a room”. Perhaps this is what I am looking at?

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