Jetstream Upgrade Debacle II

Well, my Jetsream Upgrade Debacle entry hasn’t attracted a single comment so far. I wonder if anyone has actually read it yet. The lack of comments would seem to imply a strong “no”.


One thought on “Jetstream Upgrade Debacle II

  1. Hey there brother, I have finally eased your burdon my friend and read your jetsream upgrade debacle entyry…

    Sorry I have not got back to you earlier but it has taken me 2 weeks to read it…hahahaha

    But fairdinkum talk about the run around.Think about the people who do nothing and put up with inferior servic etc all the time. I say complain until you get what you paid/asked for…

    Im from Australia myself.I enjoy writing in my blog but It seems there are thousands and thousands of us solo out there…


    Lost Wallets

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