Back From Up Top

Just back from my holiday to the northern hemisphere. I was visiting family and some friends. I tried visiting my old university supervisor but missed out because he had already left on his vacation. Never mind, I bumped into an old classmate who now teaches there.

Bookwise, I managed to hold back and not go overboard. The new additions to the Milne library are:

  • Web Design In A Nutshell (2nd Edition)
  • how to be a complete and utter failure
  • Tears of the Giraffe, The Kalihari Typing School for Men, The Full Cupboard of Life; I still need to pick up Morality for Beautiful Girls.

How did I feel going back? Especially after all this time?

Well, I felt very relaxed. I had a pretty stress-free holiday. I spent very little and was glad of that. I didn’t feel very acquisitional.

What did I notice on going back?

On the negative side, they don’t pack your shopping for you in the supermarket unless you ask them; Service in shops, especially shoe shops, is awful. You queue for everything. You have to hang around at the counter to collect your coffee after you oprder your coffee since they don’t bring it to your table. And the breadth of choice is incredible; so incredible that the large number of options tires you before you can make a choice.

On the positive side, it was wonderful to see my dad, my sister’s family (especially my nephews), Pauline’s parents, her sister and her sister’s new man, and last, but not least, my godson Blair. Basically, being able to spend time with family was great fun. Looking back it is so long since I actually spent any decent length of time with family members. I was always on the go – popping up for a brief day-long (if that) visit.

Sometimes it’s just great to be.

Could I go back and live there?

Probably, but not to Watford, or the Scottish Borders, but maybe, just maybe, I could go back to Aberdeen. Pauline tells me that she avoids visiting Aberdeen because she always likes it. I hadn’t realised this before. I can see what she means.

Saw a house in our old street going for 227,000 GBP. If we had been able to make renting the house a viable option, we could now be looking at not having a mortgage here at all. Never mind, that road was not open to us when we moved here. Mind you though, it just shows what can happen when you hang around somewhere long enough. Just keep in mind that Watford might be a very special case.


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