Car back … still not fixed

Well, the car is back. However, the front passenger door has been damaged in
the trailing edge corner. I saw this when I inspected the car but it hasn’t
been fixed. The front passenger-side mirror is covered in scratches,
presumably from when the hide the car at night so they could ride in it the
next day. The number of scratches on the passenger-side door has increased
significantly. The steering wheel has been damaged; it now has a nick in it
which wasn’t there before. This nick is an imperfection which makes the
whole thing feel awful. Also, they have re-keyed the car. Now I have a
piece of bare metal as a key instead of a nice chunky Subaru key.

On the positive side … the car sounds and performs ok; but, I have an
untrained ear so what do I know?

Seems to me that the negatives outweigh the positives.

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