Life goes on

The car was found by the police tonight. They called me up and I dutifully ran out to look it over. It is difficult to list all the things that may now be wrong with it since I’m not all that hot on the underlying mechanics of cars. However, the thieves managed to destroy the driver-side door lock. Once more they destroyed the ignition barrel. There is something at the bottom of the ignition barrel which prevented me from inserting my key, so I could not start the car to see if it would run properly. They also decided to steal the carousel for the CD player in the boot as well as the CDs in it. Amazingly enough they left my badminton racquet and YSL fleece in the back seat. Clearly the fleece sported the wrong logo and they aren’t badminton fans.

The car was uplifted and taken to the breakdown company’s secure warehouse.

Then the police rang me again and said they had caught the individuals who were in the car. Would I like to pop along a review the stolen property they had recovered?

So off I popped.

A few block later I was face to face with the thieves. Well, at least with two of them. One was standing on the kerb, looking at his feet; the other was in the back of the police car staring at his knees. I couldn’t say that I recognised either of them but the kid in the back of the car was the same complexion as the driver of the car on Saturday.

I didn’t recognise anything apart from the car air freshener. They asked me if I recognised the car cigarette lighter but since I don’t smoke I never noticed it as missing when I looked in the car.

The police had picked up two others but drove them off just as I turned up to review the loot.

They were all kids aged 14-15 years of age. They had admitted being in the car. What amazes me is that they were still riding around in it on Monday night. This means that they had kept it secure for two nights. I guess it must have been a fun car to drive?


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