Our Car Was Stolen

If you see a black Subaru Legacy GT Wagon with registration ZL1852 please call the police because it has been stolen.

We parked the car on Oxford Terrace near the Centennial Leisure Pool yesterday morning at midday. We were having brunch with some friends at The Bohemian. After that we went into town to do some shopping. Just as we were walking back to the car, Pauline asked me what or registration plate was as she had just seen our car pull into the car park for the Leisure Pool. We ran into the car park to see what was going on, only to find two young lads (approx 15-17 years old) sitting in the car with the doors open. They were waiting for three of their friends to get into the car.

As we got to them, and Pauline shouted “get out of the f**king car” they slammed the doors shut. The three guys outside the car ran off; two in one direction, one in another. We tried to get the doors open but they had locked them. They did a 90 degree reverse, nearly running us over in the process. The car revved loudly as they failed to get it into drive and ended up sticking it in neutral. However, that failure didn’t last long and they floored the accelerator and zoomed out of the car park, turning east onto Armagh Street.

We phoned the police and they put out an all points about the theft but nothing came of that. Some officers turned up, interviewed us, and another witness or two before giving us a lift home. One of the witnesses was a off-duty police officer, he had seen the car tear off but wasn’t able to get it. He did see two suspicious youths on Armagh Street that looked a bit shifty and got a verbal id out of one of them but none of this would hang together in court because he did not see them attempting to get into our car; he had just seen the car tear off out of the car park and some kids fleeing from the scene.

Nasty little lads.

Not only did they steal our car and nearly run us over but they gave up a good chance to get off scot free by just leaving our car and running for it. So in addition to stealing our car, they could have hurt us with their dangerous reversing, and they gave up any chance of mitigation by running from the car when we called on them to get out of it. They just sealed the car up and drove of. Clearly, they were intent on stealing it.

Now, this all comes about 5 weeks after the last attempt to steal the car from Chapter Street. That time, the cheeky scamp managed to get into the car but failed to get it started. He just ruined the ignition barrel, leaving me with 390 NZD of car repair bills. That time I lost my sunglasses (200 NZD), mu daysack (approx 80 NZD) and Cross pen giftset from my last UK employer. My pen giftset was recovered a few days later but nothing else of value was.

This time we had so little in the car. A badminton racquet, an Yves-Saint Laurent fleece and some CDs – Pulp Fiction, OMD and A Brief History Of Nearly Everything.

Our ideal scenarios is that they crash the car, into a tree, hopefully, writing it off in the process whilst hurting themselves significantly so that we can get a full payout on our insurance so that we can buy a decent replacement car. Our next door neighbour says that there are a good few 250T Legacy Wagons on the market these days. They perform about the same as the 2.0L GT and are a lot easier (i.e. cheaper) to maintain.

Knowing our luck, the car will turn up in a few days but with only minor damage. If that happens we need a complete inspection of the car to see if there is any other hidden damage that might manifest itself later on. If so, we need everything fixed now, not later.

Mind you though, 10K for a replacement car would buy us a better car today than the one we had due to the recent drop in Subaru prices.

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