Original Blog – Fourth Entry

At work things move on. I seem to have gleaned enough understanding of the existing code to make better progress. I managed to get a bit more working.

We had a works evening out. Unfortunately, Steve and Phil could not be there but Simon, Helen and myself managed to turn up. We were joined by Pauline, Sally, Wayne, Judy and Helen’s husband. We had quite a few drinks at The Bohemian before moving onto dinner at Thai Thai on Colombo Street. Only Wayne, Judy, Simon, Pauline and myself managed to go to Thai Thai – Sally had to leave for the babysitter and Helen and her husband also went home.

The food was as good as always – Red & Green curries, Paed Thai and Chilli & Garlic Seafood with Jasmine Rice. Really tasty and plenty of it. Simon said he felt over stuffed but that isn’t too surprising since he also had a big lunch today. Pauline was also stuffed since she had devoured a double and triple cheeseburger at lunch.

We had a great evening out. Pauline and Judy seem to be hitting it off very well.


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