Original Blog – Third Entry

Finally managed to get the hang of this API at work. Progress is a bit slow with the legacy GTK stuff still in place but progress is being made.

I met Pauline at The Yellow Rocket Cafe in Cathedral Square for a lunchtime coffee and a bagel. They serve good strong coffee. We mused over our housing situation and looked at the latest copy of Harcourt’s Bluebook. As usual, the best ones (i.e. the ones we like) either cost too much or are only available at Auction!

We met with a mortgage broker this evening to see what we could, or could not, borrow towards a house purchase. Seems like we have a pretty open choice when it comes to lenders in the current market, given our situation. All we need to do now is work out whether we want to buy, or build. Building seems preferable but will certainly be a lot more stressful!


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