Original Blog – First Entry

The blog starts here!

We’re living in Christchurch now and I now work for Bluewater Systems Ltd. Pauline has signed up for a course at Canterbury University in Computational Tools for Management Science.

We have done a bit of snow boarding at Mount Hutt. Both of us fall down a lot but, so far, we have both escaped major injury. Pauline hurt her wrist on the first trip and then banged her shoulder on the second but has manged to avoid serious injury so far.

My old schoolfriend Philip visited us the other week and he came to the mountain with us. He is an intermediate level skier so he spent most of his time on a full ski pass, unlike myself and Pauline who are still on novice passes. I sometimes suspect that this will be where we are at the end of the season!

E-mails sent to Bob and Allan to see how they are getting on. Spent some time playing with the e93 editor for Windows.

Well, that’s the first one done, wonder if I can keep this sort of thing going?


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